Sunday, March 18, 2001

Alysha, total bitchaholic, she so is only going out with martin because she wants to be popular she won't go to the monaco disco either. Shari is right about having nothing to wear she doesn't havebo clothes, her best clothes are the ones I give her. I hope James said yes, becuase daniel said i should write him a letter, which ment to me that iwas going out with him, hopefully he said yes that would be a great bday pressie anyway have to have a shower and get ready for soccer.. update soon

Saturday, March 17, 2001

Hey..everybody..I have a confessiony know how I said I was going out with James.. well I just found out that Daniel Miller was lying I am again desperate and dateless, well not really but its sounds good. I hate miller for lying to me.. what a dickhead.. oh well.. Sarah is gonna ask him out for me on Monday and hopefully he will say yes.. I can't believe I am going to his school next year I am going to ask if I can go in Burling because my friend Alicia is in it and so is James, like I really want to go their class but anyway.. James Dad is like really strict like they were fooling around playing bombs up and tossing up this girls sandal and then the recorder lady said "everone sit down and stuff and they didn't then James dad goes "sit down james, do what your asked and everyone went like silent and he sat down but then everybody else did so that was k.. then later that night i saw aj and he like aptted me on the back and stuff like as if we were married so I just pat him back really sarcastically and he got really cut.I really don't have enough guts to tell my parents that I am n love with a boy they'd prolly freak out or somethin.. whats more my best friend Shari is so so rubbing it in when my mum said "no boys until you 18" she siad if you want to be successfull in sports then you won't have time for them.. I reasoned with her and said what if the boy like sport and she said "well thats different" so I left the conversation at that.. Also, this boy at school called Joe he really pisses me off because he like wants me to go out with him but no way would I go out with a dirty fleabag like him ...eww!! he like looks like the biggest idiot when he and brock were disguisng them selves as trees, brock is like ok but still i told him not to hang out with joe..shari goes "i so hate brock and an hour later she is like flirting with them" she so lies about going to Monaco disco and all she never goes and neither does that bitch alysha, but still sometimes alysha is ok.. The quicker I get out of Mudgeearaba and into a civilised school the better.
Hi Everyone.. Welcome to my blogger.. I will update often k? its pretty cool having a blogger..I can post my thoughts and stuff randomly up on this site. Its like an online Jounal excet our entries can be short or long..whatever i feel like.. I hope you come back to my blog and and read my latest thought, discoveris etc..